Sunday, February 1, 2009

Young Speakers Guild

I know that some of you have been thinking, "Ok, so we're learning to do interpretation, but that's like drama. When are we going to learn how to SPEAK?!" To this, I would say, interpretation is speaking; it's even a competitive speech event. Nevertheless, I understand that the skills of the interpreter are a little different than the skills of the orator.

So as a group, we are going to be working through the Young Speakers' Guild Training Series, a curriculum published by Communicators for Christ, which is a step-by-step approach to commanding the platform and using it to make an impact in one's community. Everybody in our chapter is going to need a copy of the book to use for themselves, as it is both illegal and inconvenient to just make copies of one book. Moreover, the curriculum is designed to be more like a portfolio that the student builds throughout their speaking career, rather than just a text the student reads and answers questions in.

The cost for each copy of the book will be $10. If you haven't already paid your dues, multiply that by the number of kids you have in the chapter and add it to your bill. If you have already paid your dues, make the cheques payable to Debra Curran, and she'll make sure we get our books. Hopefully we will have them before we meet for the second time in February!

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