Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homework for 02/17/09 and beyond.

By the 17th, you should have characters completely integrated into your interpretations. You will still be on script, but you will still need to assume the positions and postures of your characters. Also, on the 17th, we will discuss blocking. What does it mean to block a piece? This will also help you figure out some stuff to keep your characters occupied during the performance.

The 24th, we will discuss memorization techniques, acting, an how all of what we have talked about ties together to create a distinctive, quality performance.

March 3rd, we will be having a party/performance day. I haven't figured out the particulars yet, but we're going to celebrate what we've all accomplished. On this date, those of you who have been working hard will feel really good about yourselves. Those of you who have not will not. There is still time to feel good about yourself when March 3rd comes around. You will be expected to be able to perform a memorized interpretation with characters and blocking by this date.

After March 3rd, we will be working with Cleveland Reads, delivering our interpretations on community platforms. This means that you're not off the hook after March 3rd, and you should have your presentations grappled to your brains with hoops of steel. It will take quite a few practice performances to accomplish this.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, troubles, or allergies, feel free to email me, comment on this blog, or give me a call.

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