Monday, March 16, 2009

Homework for Tomorrow

Hey Guys,

Your homework for this week, as I mentioned in class, was to look at a current world event and identify, clarify, confront, quantify, and realize its implications. So, to go through what that means, again.

Identify- what is the value behind the action? why is this happening? why are people choosing to do what they are doing? what is the esoteric (not concrete) goal in mind? (ex: fighting inflation might be so you don't have to be dependent on the government in the future, which would be independence)

Clarify- what does your value mean? define it.

Confront- compare and contrast the two sides of the argument. if i value freedom and you value security in, for example, foreign policy, what are the implications of what that is going to mean? how should we decide which value is higher in this instance?

Quantify- how do we know when we will have enough of our value? is it when human rights is being upheld? is it when the Constitution is properly upheld?

Realize- what does all of this mean? what are the good things that are going to result from everything we have just said? (ex: the queen is going to be able to concentrate better, which will result in a better kingdom, and everyone will be happy.)

That's all. It's not super complicated. It shouldn't take very much time at all. Just think it through and we will discuss these things tomorrow!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meeting on 03/10/2009

Hey Guys,

You don't have homework for next meeting. I just wanted to say that some of you will be finalists, and will have to deliver your speeches again, so this is just a friendly reminder to run through them a couple of times between now and Tuesday to make sure that they're fresh in your minds.