Friday, February 6, 2009

Homework for 02/10/09

Don't freak out. Your homework is easy. Just think about characters and incorporate them into your performance. You can still be using your script. So next week when you say a line, you should be saying it as a character. Think about emotion, setting, scene, and character personality.

When constructing your characters, remember:


Knowing their past history is key to understanding your characters in the present.


  1. I just might have to change my book then. I was working with a Star Wars book, and there are alot of would I ever create different voices and personalities, when they are all the SAME!!! I'll work something out.
    Thanks Christian!!!!!!!!!!


  2. The Spoerndle kids are suffering with a monstrous cold---blah. There is a high probability that we won't be at Speech tomorrow. :-(
    The worst part is that we signed up for the snack! So....if we don't show up tomorrow we promise to bring the snack February 17th. So sorry....